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"Towards people's sovereignty over food and natural resources"

APN seeks to strengthen the capacity of the Arab peoples to sustain the region's natural resources and gain sovereignty over them , particularly in areas suffering from war and occupation.


Trees Planted





The Green Caravan Intensifies its Work and Organizes 24 Planting Activities in Jordan

APN resumed its work within the Green Caravan Campaign in the first half of 2018 with the aim of supporting food security, food sovereignty and combating desertification. It succeeded in growing 4,995 fruit trees on an area of  100 dunums, owned by 130 farmers supporting 567 persons.
The trees were planted through 24 agricultural activities involving more than 900 volunteers from different nationalities and age groups.
  1. APN Grows 550 Citrus and Guava Trees in the Southern Jordan Valley 
  2. APN and Zain Grow 500 Trees in Support of Small Farmers
  3. APN and National Paints Plant 500 Citrus Trees in the Central Jordan Valley
  4. Green Caravan and Bank al Etihad Plant 500 Lemon Trees in Central Jordan Valley
  5. Planting 300 Trees with students from Al-Omariyya School 
  6. APN grows 300 trees on Umm Saleem’s Land with NI and IAA
  7. The “Green Caravan” and Bank of Jordan Enhance Food Security with the Participation of 80 Volunteers
  8. The Green Caravan and the Tamam Poultry Company Grow 300 Trees in Zarqa 
  9. Students from the Amman National School Join APN and Grow Trees in Honor of Mother’s Day
  10. Green Caravan and the Agricultural Plastic Industrial Co Rehabilitate a Plastic House in Ajloun
  11. APN Plants 200 Citrus Trees with the Support of the Jordanian Kuwait Bank
  12. APN and Al-Nisr Al-Arabi Insurance Plant Trees in the Jordan Valley
  13. APN and the Business and Professional Women Association Support Families in Ajloun
  14.  The planting of Guava trees in support of farmers in central valleys 
  15. Wadi Al-Rayyan takes part in the Green Caravan Campaign 
  16. APN and Cambridge Highschool plant 200 citrus trees in support of farmers
  17. Planting with the Committee of Young Engineers in the Jordanian Engineers Association
  18. Planting with the students of Al-Khansa group
  19.  Planting with Absher initative
  20. Planting with the Kased Center for Learning Arabic and the Masar Initiative
  21. Planting with the National Center for Agricultural Research in the area of Karama
  22. The distribution of grape seedlings for female agricultural workers in the Jordan Valley
  23. Planting with students from the University of Jordan with the initiative “`Sanfur Muhandes”
  24. Planting with the students at Al-Tazkiya School 


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