APN And LOYAC’s Partnership Bear Fruit in Lebanon

APN| Lebanon

30 July 2022


About a year after the partnership was formed between APN and the Kuwaiti LOYAC Organization for Comprehensive and Integrated Development, the two organizations conducted the first agricultural activity through LOYAC’s branch in Beirut, by planting the first fruitful trees for the benefit of small farmers in the village of Al- Halloussiyeh near the city of Tyre.

This partnership comes as part of APN’s efforts within the Arab Network for Food Sovereignty, wherein the APN provides LOYAC with the necessary technical support for the success of the project, in response to the requirements previously agreed upon to plant trees in Lebanon, through targeting limited income farmers who possess small areas of land which they want to plant.

Despite the difficult conditions that Lebanon is going through, this project comes as a glimmer of hope for many farmers participating in the events that will take place every month.