APN in People's Eyes | The Arab Group for the Protection of Nature

"I am amazed by the mission, work, and achievements of the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature, and I consider myself a member as of today, we must join hands and unite our efforts. If my father were here today, he would love to go and plant a tree in Palestine."

Press Conference, March 28, 2019- Amman 

APN Annual Event, March 30, 2019

Dr. Aleida Guevara

Daughter of freedom fighter Che Guevara

“The idea of the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature is at the heart of the meaning of patriotism, at a time, in which, with great regret, we suffer from a specific deficiency in the concept of homeland and patriotism.”

APN Annual Event | 2009

Samih Al-Qasim


"My grandfather had a constant passion for the people of Palestine, and for us the people of South Africa, we see working with the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature to plant trees and defend the sovereignty of lands in Palestine an inspiration. So we generate hope and life for future generations."

APN Annual Event  | November 25, 2017

MP Mandela Mandel

Grandson of Nelson Mandela

"I thank the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature for its noble work, which is twofold. First, to preserve the environment in Jordan, and to support our brothers and sisters in Palestine in the face of an injustice unparalleled by any people in modern history."

APN Annual Event | 2016



Aoun Khassawneh

Former Prime Minister of Jordan

"We are happy to be with you today and are greatly appreciative of these great efforts. Part of the occupation of the country was to change the landscape of the land where they uprooted olive and almond trees and planted in it pine and cypress trees. With you we hope to work to return the rest of our lands to what they were in our memories and our hearts as Palestinians. Thank you very much."

APN Annual Event | 2011

Sana’ Mousa


"My participation in your event is a message of love and embracing of the goals of the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature. For in return for destruction there is reconstruction and in return for death there is life and we defend life. In light of these conflicts that the Arab world is witnessing, we only have to rely on ourselves and on organizations that work honestly to serve the land, man and farms!"

APN Annual Event | December 6, 2014

Charbel Rohana

Lebanese musician