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If Only You Knew

If Only You Knew Campaign

In 2012, APN launched the awareness campaign “If Only You Knew,” targeting university and school students in Jordan. It aims to teach the importance of agriculture and bring attention to the environmental challenges in Jordan and the Arab region. 




  • Many students lack substantial environmental education and knowledge of concepts like food sovereignty and food security.
  • Jordan and its surroundings are faced with very serious environmental challenges.
  • Awareness, particularly among the youth, is the cornerstone of addressing environmental problems and risks.
  • The need to provide a basis for cooperation between schools, universities and the community.


  • Raise an environmentally-aware generation that treats the environment sustainably.
  • Raise awareness about the underlying factors causing environmental problems.
  • Influence the behavior of individuals and the wider society towards ecological balance.
  •  Mobilize individuals and institutions to contribute to community service.
  • Build leadership qualities and raise the capacity of students to giving their own awareness lectures.

Working Mechanism 

To carry out this mission, APN prepares awareness lecture content for target age groups and train qualified volunteers on how to deliver talks. APN coordinates with schools and universities to give these lectures and follows up on the performance of volunteers. As a last step, students are involved in APN activities, mainly tree planting activities.


  • 126 lectures
  • 4000 students reached
  • 60 educational institutions


Click on the link to fill out the “If Only You Knew” volunteering form.


(Phase 1)

If Only You Knew Campaign