The employees of Al-Nisr Al-Arabi are collaborating with APN
النسر العربي العربية لحماية الطبيعة

APN | Jordan Valley

May 18, 2022


The "Green Caravan", one of the programs of APN, went with the employees of Al-Nisr Al-Arabi Insurance Company, to the central Jordan Valley, specifically to the land of a low-income farmer, in order to plant 80 (Mexican) lemon trees which produce lemons every few months, with the aim of supporting him economically.

The activity, in which 20 employees of the company participated, came as part of a continuous cooperation between APN and Al-Nisr Al-Arabi Insurance, within a common vision to support small farmers and economically empower them in order to achieve sustainable development, food security, and a positive environmental impact.