Interview with APN's Chairperson of the Board

Zuayter explained the role of "The Million Tree Campaign (MTC)" in protecting Palestinian land from confiscation, in addition to compensating Palestinian farmers whose land is being attacked, stressing the slogan "They uproot a tree ... We plant ten", as the war that the association is waging alongside the Palestinians with the occupation is an agricultural war, and the APN team of workers, volunteers and supporters is in a constant clash with the occupation.

For his part, Eng. Hasan Al Jaajaa referred to APN's program dedicated to agricultural and environmental culture, named "If Only You Know", which is an awareness lecture campaign held in schools and universities in addition to the activities and concepts of agriculture that must be instilled in new generations.

Zuayter recalled the APN's efforts to help the farmers of the Jordan Valley affected by the fabricated Israeli fires by planting their land with new fruit trees and providing irrigation networks instead of the damaged ones, in addition to highlighting the event in the media and writing about it in newspapers and social media sites.

Finally, Zuayter highlighted the role of APN in influencing local, regional and international policies related to food, which are related to the production of food, particularly concerning the efforts exerted to move forward on the issue of food security in the shadow of conflicts and occupation, and to refer it to being a priority meriting discussion in international forums.