Jordan Ahli Bank Renews its Cooperation with APN

APN | Fayhaa - Madaba

May 19, 2022


With the aim of supporting efforts to address the effects of climate change and the need to invest in sustainable development environmental initiatives, the Jordan Ahli Bank renewed its cooperation with the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature for the seventh year in a row, by supporting the "Green Caravan” program.


As a result of this cooperation with APN in previous years, the Jordan Ahli Bank achieved many positive effects on environmental, economic and social levels, which in turn enhanced the Bank’s contributions to supporting local communities. Within the framework of this cooperation, a number of the Bank’s new employees, within the internal volunteer program, participated in an activity that included planting 100 olive trees on lands owned by farmers from chaste families in the Fayhaa area / Madaba governorate, from which 24 people benefited.


Commenting on this, the CEO/General Manager of the Jordan Ahli Bank, Mr. Muhammad Musa Daoud, said that, “We are proud of our continuous cooperation with APN, for its pivotal role in implementing projects concerned with preserving the environment and enhancing food security, as well as supporting and empowering families in need in our society."


For her part, the Chairperson of the Board of APN, Eng. Razan Zuayter expressed the association’s pride in the efforts of the Jordan Ahli Bank, and praised the continuous joint work between the two parties, as the continuity of the Jordan Ahli Bank cooperation in the “The Green Caravan” program is a positive factor for us to expand the area of agricultural activities with an environmental and economic impact in its developmental dimension, on the groups most in need of assistance and empowerment. The groups most in need are the families of small farmers who live only on agriculture in the Kingdom, which guarantees them food security and a permanent source of income, and enhances their contribution to the national agricultural sector.