600 Guava trees defy the Apartheid Wall

APN| Qalqilya - Occupied Palestine
May 2022

The apartheid wall did not stand as an obstacle to the continuation of tree planting under the aegis of the “The Million Trees Campaign”, as APN believes in the necessity of entrenching people everywhere, especially in the areas most targeted by the occupation, particularly those adjacent to the wall.


With the generous donation of the heirs of the late Hammam Darwaza, the APN team in Palestine went to a village in the occupied Qalqilya Governorate, to assist a farmer directly affected by the apartheid wall, by planting 600 guava trees in the land encroached on by the wall.


Actually, the guava trees have been added to the 2.6 million trees that APN has succeeded in planting on the land of historic Palestine.