9,000 Trees Cultivated in Arrabet Jenin in Two Phases

APN | Arrabet Jenin

10 March 2023

4 June 2023


On the vast plains of southwestern Jenin Governorate, the town of Arrabet Jenin sits on its fertile land. Its residents, who have mastered farming as a profession, cultivate this land. This profession has become a means of defense against land confiscation in favor of expanding settlements in the area. They also confront the infrastructure that the occupation builds by manipulating an old land law. This law allows Israeli authorities to seize Palestinian farms and orchards if they are not cultivated for three years. In this context, APN plays a vital role in achieving its objectives and supporting the local population by providing them with trees for planting through its Million Tree Campaign (MTC) in Palestine.


Just as Marj Ibn Amer became renowned for its agricultural productivity in the occupied territory in 1948, a similar level of fame can be attributed to the fertile plain of Arrabet Jenin, located approximately 23 kilometers away. This area is suitable for cultivating fruit trees, almonds, citrus fruits, and field crops. The residents set up plastic greenhouses and consider agriculture a primary source of income. The MTC has organized several successful activities in the region. The first activity began with the planting of 2,000 trees in its first phase. Due to the interest of farmers, it expanded and an additional 7,183 fruit trees were cultivated, totaling 9,183 fruit trees. These included 5,174 olive trees, 1,833 grapevines, and 2,176 citrus trees planted on 629 dunums (more than double the area that was planted with olives in the town in 1941). These trees benefit 90 resilient farming families.