Al Jaajaa, invited by UN Habitat, delivers a talk on “Land and Conflict” to a formal Palestinian delegation.

APN | Amman

22 October, 2022


UN Habitat holds a training session in Amman for a formal Palestinian delegation from the "Land and Water Settlement Commission" in which the General Manager of the APN, Mariam Al Jaajaa, delivered a talk on “Land and Conflict”.

The talk summarized the latest study conducted by APN and UN-HABITAT on “Land and Conflict in the Arab Region”. The study included 12 case studies from several Arab countries and focused on the Palestinian case study.

Al Jaajaa emphasized a recommendation presented to the Commission regarding the importance of registering lands of collective-ownership rather than focusing only on of individual ownership. The reason being that lands of individual ownership, as advantageous as they may be, are actually a leftover phenomenon of the colonial period. When the colonizer sought to undermine collective ownership by promoting privatization of land, which makes a land easier to steal.