APN and Amman Academy restore the forest of Ghamadn
العربية لحماية الطبيع و أكاديمية عمان يزرعون في غمدان


APN | Ghamdan Park - Amman

20 May 2022

APN went, within the "Green Caravan" program, with the participation of students from the Amman National Academy, to plant trees throughout the areas affected by the snow storms in Ghamdan Park. The park is south of the Jordanian capital Amman, where the forest is one of the few parks in the capital.

The students and the participating supervisors showed great enthusiasm as they planted with the association's team, 200 new forest trees in coordination with the Greater Amman Municipality, which supported the green cover in Jordan in the context of the preservation of the environment.

During the last snowstorm that Jordan witnessed at the end of January 2022, many forests and fruitful trees were broken in many gardens, parks and public places in various Jordanian governorates, which makes work to replant these places an urgent necessity; this is on the 2022 agenda for the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature in Jordan, in conjunction with local partners.