APN | "If Only You Knew"​ Lecture at Modern Montessori Schools
APN's Team


APN | Modern Montessori School (MMS) – Amman

23 May 2022


APN presented a series of educational lectures as part of the "If Only You Knew” program for 130 from fifth-grade from the Modern Montessori School (MMS).


The "If Only You Knew” program aims to broaden their knowledge about the agricultural sector and the environmental challenges Jordan and the Arab Region are currently facing by attending APN's "If Only You Knew" lecture.

Maha Qawasmi and Majd Khodari from APN delivered the lectures by interactively presenting the information about the importance of preserving the environment and our agricultural sector and thinking of ways to improve our practices along with the challenges that threaten them.

The lectures were characterized by interaction between the students and teachers where extremely strong and positive comments were made in the course of brainstorming, and thinking of means and ways enabling them to get involved in voluntary activities with APN, and also contributing to planting trees. The fifth grade students manifested this noble attitude and splendid ideas by sponsoring from their personal money the planting of 137 trees in Jordan and Palestine.