APN lectures on the importance of agriculture and environmental resistance at the 5th Jordan BDS youth summer camp

APN | Jerash

20 July 2023


APN conducted an awareness lecture as part of its "If Only You Knew" campaign with the boys and girls participating in the fifth "Ard" camp, organized by Jordan BDS Youth. The lecture focused on the importance of agriculture, environmental resistance in Jordan and Palestine, and the significance of food sovereignty as part of the educational programme “If Only You Knew”, targeting school and university students.

The lecture covered the environmental crimes committed by the occupation in Jordan and Palestine, including greenwashing, water theft, and intentional border fires.

It concluded with a discussion of the successful Million Tree Campaign in Palestine and the importance of the Green Caravan programme in Jordan, both of which have achieved the planting of 2.8 million fruit trees. The boys and girls posed important questions about how to avoid environmental normalization and the significance of green resistance.