APN lectures at Khalil Rahman Academy

APN lectures at Khalil Rahman Academy

APN | Khalil Rahman Academy - Amman

June 1, 2022

APN was invited to lecture at Khalil Al-Rahman Academy, in the presence of 120 students from the middle school and high school levels, before the end of the 2021-2022 school year. This school activity comes within the "If Only You Knew" program launched by the association with the aim of spreading environmental awareness for school and university students in Jordan. In addition, the program promotes the spirit of belonging and creative thinking to find solutions in the interest of sustainable development.

The lecture was presented by APN, colleague Majd Khodari. The students interacted positively, and showed an interest in their understanding of the importance of perseverance and continuous attempts to raise the level of farmers, whether in Jordan or Palestine, and how it is closely related to enhancing food security and improving economic conditions.

The Arabic lecture followed another informative lecture given by BDS Group.

APN thanks all the students and supervisors who attended, and the Academy's administration for providing the opportunity for such awareness activities.