APN planting olive trees with Madrasati initiative
العربية لحماية الطبيعة تزرع شجر زيتون مع مبادرة مدرستي وبرفقة طالبات مدرسة الأميرة بسمة

APN | Amman

25 June 202


From the farthest north of Amman, and amid splendid interaction from the students and staff of Princess Basma Secondary School for Girls in the Abu Nseir area, APN supplied the school with 26 olive trees within the framework of the Madrasati Initiative.

APN support emerged within the Green Caravan program in Jordan, which has reached all Jordanian governorates, with the aim of increasing understanding of the concept of food sovereignty and supporting the agricultural sector, through providing lectures and awareness activities for schools and universities.

The planting event was preceded by an educational lecture from APN on the importance of trees and their economic, social and psychological dimensions. The lecture had a significant impact on the hearts of the attendees who expressed their willingness to participate in agriculture and tree planting.