APN proceeds from “Music for Palestine” concert yield trees in Gaza
 موسيقى من أجل فلسطين - Music for Palestine

APN | Gaza - Occupied Palestine

4 April 2022


After the successful event of the Music for Palestine initiative, on June 19, 2021, all proceeds were allocated to APN's efforts to revitalize and reclaim agricultural lands destroyed by the Israeli occupation. The proceeds of the ceremony resulted in the planting of 645 olive trees, which the association’s team in Gaza campaigned to plant in the Wadi al-Salqa area in the central region - Gaza Strip.

The General Manager of APN Mariam Al-Jaajaa, thanked all those who contributed to the campaign to save and restore the agricultural sector in Gaza, commended the efforts of the team of organizers and participants for their distinguished and continuous creative contributions in adapting music as a struggle tool in the service of the Palestinian cause, and saluted the sons of our steadfast people in the Gaza Strip, while emphasizing the continuation of APN's efforts to support farmers and those affected by the repeated aggression on agricultural and livestock wealth in the Strip.