APN Turns Down Invitation to Meet with Sadhguru

APN | Amman

10 May 2022

APN received an invitation to attend the lecture of the Indian activist Sadhguru, which was held in Amman on May 4, 2022 as part of the “Save Soil” Campaign. After consulting APN’s partner organizations in India, APN learnt that Sadhguru is launching a deceptive PR campaign that fails to address the root causes of environmental degradation. APN decided not to participate, and advised the organizers not to receive Sadhguru, until after canceling his visit to occupied Palestine, and defining his moral stance on the Zionist attacks on the Palestinian people and environment.

For her part, Eng. Razan Zuayter, Chairperson of the Board of APN, said that principles are indivisible, and caring for the environment necessarily means fighting its enemies. The occupation’s systematic uprooting of trees, and destroying agricultural land either by bombing or bulldozing, has led to a significant decline in soil and water quality in Palestine.

Zuayter added that, APN rejects Sadhguru's position, which equates the victim with the oppressor upon answering a question concerning the uprooting by the Zionist enemy of more than 3 million fruitful trees in Palestine, many of which are old, not to mention the pollution of soil and groundwater, where he said, “we need to seek what unifies us”, “for we all are children of mother earth's soil.”