e. construct Company Plants 1000 Olive Trees in Gaza
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APN | Gaza - Occupied Palestine

5 March 2022


On an area of 25 dunums of land belonging to small-scale farmers in the central region of the Gaza Strip, e.Construct Company supported the "The Million Tree Campaign" launched by APN in Palestine, by planting 1,000 olive trees in support of small-scale farmers whose lands were completely destroyed in 2014.

This event took place in several locations, including Qarara, Juhr al-Dik, Wadi al-Salqa, Maghazi, and Deir al-Balah, on lands belonging to 12 farmers who support 83 dependents. Those trees will contribute to restore destroyed agricultural lands and empower farmers after the passage of 8 years since the disruption of their agricultural activities on those lands.

The General Manager of APN, Mariam Al Jaajaa, lauded the generous donation made by e.Construct, and indicated that these trees will make a difference in the income of families affected by years of disruption, and that this will contribute to enhancing their food security again.