Employees of the Jordan Kuwait Bank plant 200 fruit trees

APN | Jordan Valley

2 June 2022


A distinguished volunteer day, championed by Jordan Kuwait Bank employees, participated in APN planting 200 fruit trees, citrus and guava, on the land of one of the less fortunate farmers in the Central Jordan Valley.

The support from the Jordan Kuwait Bank comes as a supplement to the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature’s “Green Caravan” program in Jordan, which aims to support small farmers and enhance their ability to produce food, especially in the Jordan Valley, the food basket of Jordan. This is done by providing them with mainly fruit trees, which provides economic revenue that improves their living conditions and contributes to their food security at the private level within their families. At the general level, this increases agricultural production in the Kingdom, in addition to the positive environmental impact on greening arable areas in Jordan, stopping desertification, and reducing the impact of carbon dioxide emissions.

On this occasion, the General Manager of the APN, Mariam Al-Jaajaa, sent a letter of thanks for the engagement and enthusiasm of the volunteer employees, who translated the message of community service into one of the most important and vital sectors, namely the agricultural sector, which needs the combined efforts, of both of the public and private sectors and civil society organizations. Al-Jaajaa also saluted the management of the Jordan Kuwait Bank and its executive team that supports green initiatives, welcoming continual cooperation and wishing for the continuation of joint work in accordance with an institutional partnership to expand sustainable development in Jordan.