Gharisoon Initiative and the Green Caravan Win DHL Award  to Plant 3,550 Fruit Trees in Jordan

APN | Jordan



Over the course of two decades, we have achieved the trust and collaboration of both partners and volunteers, particularly in our work in Jordan. Our work has been dedicated to instilling the principles of food sovereignty and genuine development for farmers, fostering a shared environmental and cultural perspective. Notably, the year 2023 witnessed the success of the Gharisoon initiative—an exceptional volunteer-driven project that aligned with the goals of the Green Caravan programme, focusing on economic empowerment and food sovereignty in Jordan.

Through this initiative, we planted 3,550 fruit trees across the southern and northern Jordan Valley, Mafraq, and Amman. This effort benefits a total of 47 farmers, supporting over 467 individuals. Additionally, the initiative included the establishment of a school garden at Sweileh Secondary School for Boys and Othman Bin Affan School in the northern Jordan Valley.

It is worth highlighting that the Gharisoon Initiative and APN won an award from DHL, following the submission of a project aimed at planting trees to enhance the economic status of farmers and enhance their living conditions.