With Great Dedication and Determination, We Planted Over 16,000 Trees in Jordan

APN | Jordan



With great dedication and determination, recognizing the importance of cultivating every inch of agricultural land in Jordan to ensure the country’s food sovereignty, APN has successfully planted 16,473 fruit trees through the Green Caravan programme. The initiative traversed the northern governorates of Irbid, Ajloun, and Jerash, extended through the central regions of Amman and Madaba, and reached the southern governorates of Karak and Ma'an. Amidst these numerous stops, we remained focused on the Jordan Valley, steadfastly supporting and empowering the farmers who serve as the guardians of our food security.

It brings great pride that through this project alone, we have successfully planted citrus, stone fruits, grapes, pomegranates, and various other trees across a 900-dunum area owned by 295 farmers. This effort is instrumental in supporting over 4,000 individuals, whose livelihoods and profound connection to their land are intertwined with the fruits borne by these trees.

With this project, we have successfully planted 37,325 trees in Jordan this year, marking a substantial 156.66% increase in our agricultural activities. Additionally, 805 new farmers have joined us as genuine partners in our programme, contributing to the enhancement of their income, economic empowerment, and the preservation of their lands amidst economic and climatic challenges.