For a Healthy Environment, A Joint Activity Brings Together APN and the Hussein Cancer Foundation

APN | Al-Amiriyah – South Amman

20 September 2023


A new partnership has brought together APN and the King Hussein Cancer Foundation (KHCF) as part of the campaign launched by the foundation under the slogan "A Healthy Environment Against Cancer". The first activity of this partnership took place in the Al-Amiriyah area south of the capital, where 200 fruit trees were planted with the support of both Bank al Etihad and ila Digital Bank powered by ABC. The event was attended by Rana Ghafari, KHCF Head of Advocacy and Government Affairs, Mariam Al Jaajaa, APN General Manager, as well as several journalists, social media influencers, and volunteers.

The participants planted olive, grape, and stone fruit trees on one of the farmers' lands in the area. They used the technique of building soil dams before the winter season for water harvesting and utilizing the water later on in the agricultural season.

The participation of APN in this activity is carried out through its programme in Jordan, the Green Caravan. This programme aims to combat desertification, reduce the effects of climate change, enhance food security, and promote food sovereignty by planting fruit trees with high nutritional and economic value. Additionally, it provides an additional source of income for farmers' families, thus reducing poverty and unemployment rates.

According to Al Jaajaa, participation in this campaign supports Jordan's green future by empowering small farmers to enhance food security. It also aims to expand the green areas in the country and advocate for the right to a healthy environment and food, considering they are major contributing factors to cancer. She emphasized that the presence of media and influencers will help raise societal awareness about the importance of tree planting and caring for them as a sustainable cultural heritage for future generations. Additionally, it serves as a preventive measure against diseases, including cancer, and highlights the positive role of volunteering in society.

At the beginning of the Foundation's campaign, KHCF Director General, Nisreen Qatamesh, stated, "Through this campaign, we focus on raising awareness about simple daily behaviors that have a positive impact on preserving the environment and reducing the risks of air pollution as part of cancer prevention. This includes combating all forms of smoking in public and enclosed places, reducing vehicle emissions, and planting trees to improve air quality".

It's worth noting that as part of the Green Caravan programme, APN has planted over 180,000 fruit trees in Jordan and supported nearly 10,000 farming families across all governorates.