From her cookie baking passion to planting 100 fruit trees.

APN | International Academy - Amman (IAA)

3rd of June 2022


When Hala Al-Qaimari, a student in the 8th grade at the International Academy - Amman (IAA), decided to integrate her community project within an impactful initiative, she heard about APN's tree planting activities in Jordan "The Green Caravan" from her mother Mrs. Deema Hamdan, where she became convinced that APN is an entity that is deserving of support. She started implementing her idea by preparing a book for cookie recipes, and allocating the proceeds from selling them to planting trees in Jordan, under the aegis of supporting small farmers by providing them with fruit trees, in addition to basic inputs in the production process such as irrigation networks, agricultural ponds, and others. And soon this idea turned into an awareness initiative that sheds light on an important issue related to one of the most important economic sectors, and the role of agriculture in our daily lives from an environmental perspective in particular, and support for sovereignty over food.


Despite her young age, Hala realized that with this project she could support the "Green Caravan" program in Jordan. Since its establishment in 2003, the program succeeded in planting about 152,000 fruitful trees, and this initiative was able within one day to collect the price of planting 100 trees donated by Hala and her book buyers to Jordan.

The General Manager of APN, Mariam Al-Jaajaa, along with the APN's team, sent her greetings and warm wishes, to Hala and her mother, and she stressed the significance of this unique effort and thought process in order to give back to one's community, as it symbolizes awareness and belonging, and confirmed that such projects will inspire other students and encourage them to engage in supporting the agricultural sector and help small scale farmers.