In a newspaper article, Zuayter presents comments on 2023 compensation system for farmers affected by agricultural risks

APN | Jordan

4 September 2023


In an article featured in Al-Ghad newspaper on 4 September 2023, Razan Zuayter, APN Chairperson of the Board, welcomed the additional factors contributing to agricultural damage that were considered as part of the amendments to the 2023 compensation system for farmers affected by agricultural risks. 
Among these factors were natural events such as storms and strong winds, which result from global warming and had not been previously considered. She stressed the importance of recognizing the disparities between small farmers and larger exporters, emphasizing that equal assessment of damage for compensation purposes (exceeding 20%) does not achieve the desired level of fairness and equity. Additionally, she highlighted that the current system's definition of damage is broad, encompassing costs up to the point of damage occurrence. However, losses should be more precisely calculated by considering the anticipated reduction in production volume. Zuayter posed a critical question: Is a 50% compensation cap adequate for small farmers in the first place
Above all, she highlighted the importance of taking proactive measures to assist farmers in reducing production losses and managing risks more effectively.

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