United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) | The Arab Group for the Protection of Nature

The United Nations Environment Programme, established in 1972, coordinates the United Nation's environmental activities and assists developing countries in implementing environmentally sound policies and practices. It is the leading authority setting the global environmental agenda and promoting the implementation of the environmental dimension of sustainable development within the United Nations system.

In 2016, APN received accreditation with observer status to UNEP. Accreditation has allowed APN to participate in the Annual Regional Consultation Meetings and contribute to Regional Civil Society Statements. These statements form the basis for the Global Civil Society Statement, comprised of recommendations to UNEP, governments and other stakeholders.

Recently, APN attended the 2019 Annual Regional Consultative Meeting for West Asia with major groups and stakeholders, held in Amman to prepare the upcoming Environment Assembly and ensured the incorporation of regional CSO priorities.